Magix Wall

The Fast Track Strong Partition Wall System

Magix Wall is a light weight partition system made out of foamed cement.  Magix Wall can be used across Hotels, Residential houses, High-rise apartments, Commercial office and Retail buildings.

Magix Wall’s hollow core design work as natural conduits to building services such as electrical wiring and hydraulics piping saving manpower and costs.


  • Architects
  • Interior Designer


  • Residential
    • Houses
    • Multi-storey apartments
  • Commercial
  • Industrial


  • Renovations
  • Extensions

* Flexibility in design  * Lightweight  * Quick and easy to install  * Strong and durable

Product Features


Internal Wall Partitions

Common Inter-tenancy walls

Lift Lobby / Corridor Walls

Internal Stairwell Walls


Faster Construction Times

Reduced Labour Requirements

Greater Efficiency/Less Waste

Improved Quality/Fewer Defects

Enhances Worker Productivity/Safety

Why Magix Wall?

Magix Wall partitions contain polymer fibres within the cement mix, which provides added stability and durability to the internal partition wall system.

Installing Magix Wall partitions for internal walls is quick and cost-effective when compared to traditional masonry construction.

Magix Wall partitions come in standard industry sizes, meaning less wastage, fewer waste bins and less crane movements – leading to further cost savings.

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